General information

Belgian Scale Modellers Club proudly presents Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2017, which will be held on Sunday 10 December 2017.

Flyer 2017


10:00  Opening of the convention
10:00  Registration for our competition
12:00  End of registration for our competition
13:30  Demo surprise guest 
16:30  Proclamation
16:30  End of the convention

Special guest

A visit to BSMC also means you have the opportunity to watch a renowned modeller at work, get inspired and ask for hints & tips. BSMC has a long history with Special Guests and many famed modellers have shared their experience and tricks. Listing all of them here would take too long.

Although it is the tradition to announce the Special Guest well in advance, this year we would like to keep you in suspense. For a while anyway. Suffice to say the ‘Surprise Guest’ we have lined up for you is a modeller who has become a household name and his demo will interest & inspire you for sure! So don’t miss it!


We look forward to seeing your work displayed on our tables.

This year’s Special Theme for the competition is 'Captured Hardware'. 

In every conflict adversaries capture vehicles, aircraft, vessels and so on belonging to the opposition. Often they put this ‘captured hardware’ to good use. Sometimes they use them for training, while at other times they will use them in actual combat against their original owners.

With this theme you can enter any model that is used in a captured role in a conflict. Basically all eras and theatres are allowed. A classic example: German vehicles or airplanes in Allied service and visa versa.

Any model that qualifies for this award can be entered - just tick the box on the entry form. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be awarded amongst the contenders.

Find out more about our contest.


Over the last couple of years the number of attending traders has grown a lot. If you want to attend our convention and sell your products you can register here.

You can find the list of traders attending this years convention here we update it frequently.


Do you want to attend as a club at our convention? That's possible by applying for a club stand.

You can find the list of clubs attending this years convention here we update it frequently.