Calvin Tan

Calvin Tan is born in Singapore in 1976. He is an avid World War Two history buff and has been passionate in modelling historical scale model since young. He studied Fine Arts in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Painting. Since 1998, Calvin has created several original pieces for scale model companies and collectors. His first international competition was at Euro Militaire 1999 for which his efforts earned him a Silver medal.  Since then he has gone on to attain many awards at international competitions such as Euro Militaire in Folkestone, AMT in Torrent and the 2008 World Expo in Girona. Besides modelling, he manages an active blog Perspectives in Miniature and has written many instructional articles relating to the painting and sculpting of miniature figurines for international modeling magazines. He has published an instructional book under Osprey Publishing and most recently recorded two instructional video titles on figure painting with Model Art Magazine of Japan.

Calvin is married with two children and works as a Department Chair for an American university in Singapore.