Looking back we are proud of the high contest quality that has become the standard at our Convention. It is thanks to you, the contestant, that year after year the best of the best in scale modelling has been put on display on our competition tables, while there has always been room for new upcoming talent.

Theme contest

The Special Theme for this year is 'Captured Hardware'.  In every conflict adversaries capture vehicles, aircraft, vessels and so on belonging to the opposition. Often they put this ‘captured hardware’ to good use. Sometimes they use them for training, while at other times they will use them in actual combat against their original owners.

With this theme you can enter any model that is used in a captured role in a conflict. Basically all eras and theatres are allowed. A classic example: German vehicles or airplanes in Allied service and visa versa.

 All models that clearly feature this theme are eligible for an award. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be awarded.


You may enter as many models as you want. Every 3rd model you enter is free of charge! Junior contestants up to the age of 15 can also enter free of charge in the Junior Class. Models can be entered online at the cost of € 1, 5 per model. Online registration will close on Wednesday before the convention at 21h. Models can also be entered on the convention between 10h00 and 12h at the cost of € 2, 5 per model. Every 3rd model you enter, whether online or at the show, is free of charge! So do bring that extra model, it won't cost you a cent extra! We look forward to seeing your work displayed on our tables.

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